Corporate wellness programs

The THRIVE program introduces employees to essential personal finance concepts from a unique personal balance sheet perspective.

Thrive Program

People work hard to make the most of their income and create momentum with their money – amidst a lot of financial clutter, and often without the benefit of a clear-cut financial strategy.

FACT: Across the entire workforce, 46% of workers spend three or more hours during the workweek taking care of financial issues and 8% say it impacts their attendance as they face ongoing struggles with medical expenses, student loans, and child and elder care expenses, among other things. Source: Employee Financial Wellness Survey. PWC, 2016

The THRIVE program introduces employees to essential personal finance concepts from a unique personal balance sheet perspective. It’s a learning experience that can have a powerful effect on financial decision-making so participants can achieve a higher degree of control over their lifetime earnings and overall financial picture.

The step-by-step approach shows you the simple logic and the ideal order of financial decision-making that guide you toward a solid financial future with clarity, confidence, and security.

The program entails knowledge (in person sessions, webinars), access to tools/resources, and complimentary one on one coaching with our professionals
This program empowers individuals to protect their today, become world class savers/investors, plan for life’s events, and live debt free.


How we deliver the THRIVE PROGRAM

The THRIVE program provides people with a complete wide-angle view of their financial world. Let us help you make the choices that are right for your future through the following sessions:

Protect First; Always consider protection first. You want to plan first for what may happen today before you plan for what may happen tomorrow. Without adequate protection, your wealth is left exposed to unexpected life events.

Save and Grow; Investing the right way means more than simply chasing a rate of return. A focus on minimizing risk and becoming more tax efficient allows you to make money while still having enough cash on hand to cover emergencies.

Leverage cashflow; Make the most of what you have. We’ll help improve your cash flow by showing you how to: live a budgeted lifestyle, reduce your debt, increase your discretionary income, gain tax efficiency.

Retire Right; How much do you need for retirement? Forget whatever arbitrary numbers you’ve heard. Future market performance, medical and tax expenses, and even your own longevity are impossible to anticipate. There is a better way to plan for retirement that doesn’t involve guessing about the future.

Finance for Non Finance Executives

Are you a Non Finance Executive struggling to understand Financial matters ?

Are you interested in understanding accounting and financial matters revolving around Sales, Purchases, Asset Acquisitions, Fund raising, so you can take better decisions in your organisation?

Are you aware that Ignorance in Finance Management will turn out to be a costly affair and business may not even exist to repent about it?

The aim of the course is to provide people who are not trained financial specialists yet are required to, or have an interest in, understanding and interpreting corporate financial information, with the necessary skills to do so.


What you'll learn

  • Understand What are Financial Statements and how it is useful for Decision Making?
  • Understand why knowledge Financial Management is essential to grow up in the Organisational Chart?
  • Interpret the three key financial statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow
  • Explain their  impact on organisational finances and interpret key facts
  • Plan, Implement and Monitor a Budget
  • Understand Financial Ratios and its implications in various decisions.